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Welcome! Read here first!

:damphyr: Welcome to Freedom-From-Words!

We are a literature group with open arms to anyone who needs a place to free their muse. You'll find a warm welcome here for all of your poems and stories!



We accept both poetry and prose, as well as visual poetry, scripts, and even fan-fiction.

In order for your piece to be accepted you need to do the following:
:bulletblue: Icon is only needed for contests/prompts :)
:bulletblue: If the submission is for a prompt, please include the specific prompt that inspired your piece in your description
:bulletblue: Submit your piece to the proper folder! There is a list of folders below, if you're unsure of what folder your piece belongs to please leave a comment or note



You can find the current prompts in the blog to the right :pointr:
Or search the "Recent Journal Entries" for the latest blog of prompts

There are many prompts to be inspired by, and as a bonus if you submit to a prompt your piece has a chance to be featured! Just be sure to describe which prompt you used to write your piece when you submit.

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Anything of importance will be posted here for easy-finding.



Subject to change

:bulletgreen: There are no limits on submissions
:bulletgreen: Your submission must be literature
:bulletgreen: You must submit to the proper folder
:bulletred: We have zero tolerance for bullying or bashing of members; you will be kicked out if any kind of related behaviour occurs
:bulletred: Please follow dA's rules! Do NOT steal someone else's art
:bulletgreen: We are all artists here, please treat everyone as you would like to be treated!


read when life is tough
remember that the sun
has never failed to rise,
even after
the grayest
of days,
and the stormiest
of nights.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 563 147
Emancipation by greenpengua Emancipation :icongreenpengua:greenpengua 1,313 63
Dada Poetry By Google Translator is Much Fun...
And second ...
On the other hand, a simple and ...
Lock, ie weakening ...
I can not say ... And not just in the eyes of anger directly
Do not put him to move freely, you can do it?
I do not mean that you should not ...
Unfortunately this is not true, because there are many exactly ...
But it is foolish to start any treatment; ...
Take the keys thrown out, this is what is reasonable;
Independent laugh, villain, but ...
But there is one thing you can not say much, I can say ..
The strike, punch, kick in the stomach and so angry
And it is not ours, it does not matter, there is no law ...
But this smile ... How crazy ...
This love is not just a man ...
Peace and Noise!
:iconmushroombrain:MushroomBrain 4 12
Beautiful sunset and dolphin leaping out by Vitaly-Sokol Beautiful sunset and dolphin leaping out :iconvitaly-sokol:Vitaly-Sokol 862 49
Kingdom Hearts 2 The Little Engine That Could pt1
Part 1
*It was early in the morning when a little boy named Eric was reading a book. Then his older sister Jill comes in*
Jill: *smirks* Whatcha reading, Eric?
Eric: *smiles* About the little engine and the toys it brings! It's a birthday train and tomorrow's my birthday!
Jill: *smirks teasingly* Ha ha! Birthday train full of toys? I just can't believe you're really believe that.
Eric: Sure I do. It'll come!
Jill: *walks away from him* Don't hold your breath. *her right hand holds the door and turn her head to her little brother, Eric* This is not gonna be any little engines or birthday trains gonna be here.
Eric: It'll come. I know it will! I know it will! I know it will! I know it will!
*After the appearance of the world name know as  Train Yard Express, we see Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy walking through a forest close to a train yard*
Sora: I wonder where we are now?
Donald: I don't know.
Goofy: Gawrsh me either.
?????: *Loud whistle noise* TO WORK! TO WORK!
*The tr
:icondragonofbrainstorms:dragonofbrainstorms 19 32
Listen To The Whisper
Listen To The Whisper Of The Eternal Wind
As It Gently Touches Your Ear;
Guiding You Through The Forest Of Life
Your Friend; Your Companion; Your Seer.
Listen To The Whisper Of Verdant Leaves
Adorning The Sentinels Of Earth;
Silently Watching The Passing Of Time
Its Beauty The Blessing Of Birth.
Listen To The Whisper Within The Heart
Where Soft Emotions Caress Its Beat;
Let Its Wisdom Flow Right Over Your Soul
And Dormant Love It Will Entreat.
Listen To The Whisper, All Three Of Them
Embrace And  Entwine Deep Within;
And When They Merge Within Your Soul
A New Pathway You Will Begin
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 59 42
Emotions Flowed Like A Raging Fire
As I watched The Birth Of Dawn
Softness And Beauty Of Stars Had Past
My Heart Still Heavy And Forlorn
My Spirit Was Ebbing I was About To Go
When Something Caught My Eye
A Solitary Cloud So Pure And White
Appeared From Way Up High
My Eyes Now Ember With Rising Sun
Saw An Amazing Sight
Within Its Fleece A Golden Glow
And A Butterfly Took Flight
Such Beauty I Had Never Seen
It Sat Upon My Hand
And Said To Me In A Voice So Soft
I Was A Spirit Of The Lamb
My Soul Was Open My Heart Poured Forth
It Listened With Silent Embrace
And When I Had Finished It Smiled At Me
With Serenity, Peace And Grace
Moments Of Silence As We Shared The Dawn
Then It Whispered It Was Time To Part
And As It Began To Fly Away
A Sudden Lightness Filled My Heart
I Watched In Joy As My Newfound Friend
Returned From Whence It Came
My Fears And Sorrows All Had Been Taken
By The Butterfly With No Name
Had I Seen The Truth Within The Cloud
I Would Have Witnessed A Wondrous Sight
For The B
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 69 34
If There's Someone You Love, Someone You've Wronged
And You Don't Know What To Say -
Don't Shrug Your Shoulders, Giving Up Hope
Leaving It For Another Day
For Life's Wake Is Short, Don't You Know
There May Be No Words To Hear -
As You Place The Flowers, Shed Your Tears
Upon The Earth Holding Someone So Dear
Your Mind In A Daze, Emotions On Fire
Wishing You Could Turn Back Time -
As You Gaze Upon A Loved Ones Grave
Memories Of When Everything Was Fine
If There's Someone You Love, Someone You've Wronged
Don't Leave It For Another Day -
With Love In Your Heart, Hug Them Close
It's All The Words You'll Need To Say
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 89 40
If We Would Only Love
If We Would Only Love As HE Wants Us To
Our Spirits Would Soar Our Souls Renew
Then Mankind Would See A Better Life
Void Of Evil Greed And Strife
The World Would Be A Beautiful Place To Live
If We Would Only Learn To Give
Instead We Take And Desire Of Things
Not Blessed By HIM Who Love Did Bring
HE Came And Said My Brother Man
Accept This Gift From The Golden Lamb
Some Did Listen To The Words HE Said
Others Did Laugh And Turned Their Head
As They Nailed HIM To A Cross Of Wood
Still HE Blessed Them As Only HE Could
The Years Have Passed Since That Holy Day
When HE Walked The Earth Taking Sin Away
If We Would Only Love As HE Wants Us To
Then Our Spirits Would Soar Our Souls Renew
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 61 43
Once There Was Love; Once There Was Joy
Emotions Now Shattered Like An Old Broken Toy
Confused And Dazed, Wondering Why
Soul In A Turmoil Just Wishing To Die
The Brightest Day Now Shadows Of Night
Infecting The Heart So It Sees No Light
Thoughts Entombed By What's Been Said
A Loved One Lost At Twilights Ebb
Guided By One Whose Words They Believe
Not Seeing The Venom That Flowed To Deceive
The Only Hope Now Is To Pray To The Light
To Guide Them Back To All That Is Right.
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 69 17
Natures Tears Splash To The Earth
To Flowers And Trees They Offer Birth
Soil Caress The Warmth Of The Sun
Life's Mysteries Which Gaia Has Won
Creation Stirs Behind The Veil Of Time
Bringing Forth A New Era That Of Mankind
Though But An Ember In Natures Fires
None Has Such Strange Whims And Desires
The Candle Flickers, The Flame Dies
The Innocent Child Softly Sighs
Knowing No Shadows In Life's Light
Free From The Darkness Of Human Plight
Delicate In Thought Like Threads Of Silk
Weaved And Adorned With Gaia's Milk
Purity Of Spirit Is What Was Meant To Be
And Such A Child Shall Live For Eternity
:iconthewhitelighter:TheWhiteLighter 48 29
Lost Above The Stars.
Shining through the forsaken light
I struggle to find what is mine,
Something I lost so long before
Above the sky near the broken door.
I'm walking through the skies so high,
I fear that I will fade in time.
The world dies before my crimson eyes
As I try so hard to gain my sight,
I feel its time to say goodbye
Looking up at the forsaken skies.
I squint my eyes 'cause it's so bright,
I look away with a grieving sigh.
I look at you
Now you look at me,
The plethora of clouds are meant to be.
The stars are here
They will shine on me,
I'll be in heaven
While you search for me.
:iconpassionatemasochist:PassionateMasochist 29 21
Silly Little Candle
There, the candle is lit
A small flame in a darkened room
Fighting against the dusk
Of tomorrow obscurity's bloom
So minuscule, I see you
Powerless, more or less
What can you do little one?
Of that light that will soon… soon
Finish its tune.
Don't be afraid, my dear
Everything is suddenly clear
So worried you are, I'll be back for you
Your flame is still bright, so is the darkness surrounding you.
It won't struggle against the time. The clock stops spinning…
So lonely goes the solemn tear
I fear my light will soon…soon.
Die out.
Long nights, silenced dear one
Awaiting the return of one thee
Cold? How's the weather? ''Can you see clearly in the dim?''
Perhaps I could see, if only you'd let me
Flame flame,
Am I still sane?
Can I wait for you further as my flame burns out?
Or perhaps was I meant to only be your light?
Your warmth, your way, but will you keep me?
There's only a certain amount of time that a candle can be lit…
Whether it is me, little as I am, who you wa
:iconsacrificialmoon:SacrificialMoon 530 55
Saving Me From Myself
"It's in these tangled thoughts
I swear", I holler as I dig.
It was here, everything I wanted to say.
My words never form fast enough
Then the thought slips away.
Please tell me that you'll stay.
Be patient as I try to sort things out.
Give me a minute before I start.
Or it will all be a rushed ramble
Were nothing at all makes sense.
Please give me a moment because,
I had a list of things to say.
Now-a-days it seems as if,
If I don't write it down
the thoughts and words accompanying them
will flee.
Faster than wild birds set free.
I never know how to start.
I tip toe around you,
Because I don't know what to say.
How to not upset you.
But I can't do that,
because I promised to tell the truth.
But you don't want to hear me
Because it tears you up inside
And I can understand but I need
Someone to listen, please just listen.
But when I find you my audience
I don't know where to go
Because as I mentally pick up
Each thread of thought
And follow it through to your reaction
I see something ug
:iconkml91225:kml91225 21 13


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I thought it would be a cool idea to let YOU GUYS choose a contest theme, and you'll vote on the top ones!

Sooooo who likes this idea?

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